Charleroi Danses | Kiss & Cry

(Michèle Anne De Mey, Jaco Van Dormael) Brussels, Belgium

Kiss & Cry

Michèle Anne De Mey & Jaco Van Dormael

Kiss & Cry is an original show confronting film, dance, words, theatre and brilliant DIY, a piece in which the audience is invited to watch a thoroughly distinctive choreographic performance, a film being screened and the film being made - all at the same time. Various codes come together: cinematographic writing, the stage presence of theatre and the sensory register of dance. The main characters are hands which engage us with their sensual presence and nakedness. The set of miniatures they move around testifies to work of absolute precision.

Kiss & Cry is an ambitious show supported by a group of artists who blur the boundaries between artistic disciplines to create a different and unique work every day.

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