Fou Glorieux

(Louise Lecavalier) - Montréal (North and South America, Australia/NZ)

Fou glorieux : Louise Lecavalier founded her contemporary dance company in 2006, to have freedom to explore and work with artists whose vision is close to her own. To bring together, around a fully mature performer, dancers and choreographs as of all ages and of different horizons to carry out creation projects in a flexible, open framework ; to encourage and deepen the search for movement and pure expression in dance creations : these are the mandates the company has set itself. An anchoring point for a nucleus of faithful collaborators, Fou glorieux maintains a virtual office and works in a studio in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, at Montreal.

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Main Office

951, Chemin du Castor
ST-Albert (Ontario) KOA 3CO
tel. / fax + 1-613-443-6342

1908, rue Panet # 402A
Montréal (Québec) H2L 3A2
tel. + 1-514-524-7119
fax + 1-514-526-5792