Kidoons and WYRD Productions

(Rick Miller) - Montreal, QC and Toronto, ON

Incorporated in January 2000, WYRD Productions has been involved in the development of new theatre since 1995. Founded by Rick Miller and Jeff Lord as a company devoted to multi-disciplinary artistic creation, it has evolved into one of Canada’s leading international exporters of culture. Past projects include the worldwide hits MacHomer and (with Daniel Brooks) Bigger Than Jesus and HARDSELL.

Current projects in development with Kidoons include:

Each Kidoons/WYRD Production features innovative outreach and educational opportunities for presenters. Besides school shows, talkbacks, and lobby interactivity, each onstage production is connected to online web series on the The Kidoons Network (ex: The Greatest Lakes: a Jerry Muskrat Adventure, Maritime Mink: A Billy Mink Adventure, Go West, Young Bear: a Buster Bear Adventure, Nautilus Leaks, Encyclopedia Canada, and many others.) Each series expands on the worlds of each stage show, creating an experience for audiences of all ages BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER each presentation, and connecting to themes of history, culture, ecology and technology. Kidoons also works with presenters to make additional connections with museums and organizations, expanding your reach and value, and helping your organization become a community hub.

“We loved the modern tie in of using a phone to film in the show. I felt that it helped engage the younger audience members by combining the new technology with the story. Now my boys not only wanted to read the book itself, but use some of the techniques they witnessed for their own filming. This is what theater is about!” (

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