Show: “AiME”

Show: “AiME”




Choreographer Surya Berthomieux
As a professional dancer, Surya Berthomieux goes on stage for the first time at the age of twelve
for a tour of China and the United States. Many times gold medalist, winner of national and international dance contests,
she joined Vendetta Mathea & Co dance company in 2007. As a dancer, soloist and choreographer of this dance company, she participates in the creation of the works 'Homme | Animal' and 'Water Soul' that are still touring the world (more than 200 performances).
She is the author of several works including the solo 'Spirit' programmed at the Dies de Dansa Festival in Barcelona in July 2011. In her own work, she dedicates her technical mastery that comes from a multidisciplinary professional training, to a refined body language and a deep sense of spirit. Surya Berthomieux forms her own dance company in 2013 in the scope of a personal research work that leads to the creation of her new work called 'AiME'.
In 2017, she invites two dancers to be part of her company : Lorenzo Grochain from New Caledonia and Claudia Manes from Switzerland. 

'[...] A play superbly danced - Surya Berthomieux must be followed.' Philippe Verrièle - Danser - Avignon Festival - France

'We cannot fail to mention their beauty, especially Surya Berthomieux [...]' Anne-Marie Goulay - - Avignon Festival - France

'[...] Stunning feline grace and virtuosity [...]' Kathy Hanin - Midi Libre - Avignon Festival - France

'[…] Surya Berthomieux is especially impressive. Her fluid, organic movements and wide eyed expressions mixed with her ability to be poised and precise when necessary truly capture the two subjects of the piece; animal and human […]'
Ashley Stein - Female Arts - Edinburgh - Scotland.